MaryClean -

Cleaning process  
MaryClean™   will perform a 22 point cleaning system which is a thorough cleaning throughout the house:
Basically, we will do  …
Vacuuming.  Thorough vacuuming throughout the house including kitchen, bathrooms, halls, all carpeting and hard surface floors.   Also, we will vacuum upholstered furniture including couches and sofas.
Dusting.  Complete dusting throughout the house including window sills, baseboards, removing cobwebs,  etc.
Bathrooms.  Complete cleaning and disinfecting of showers, tubs and toilets.  Cleaning bathroom sinks, counters, and shine mirrors and glasses.
Kitchen.  Complete cleaning of sink,  counters, outside of appliances, damp wipe cabinet doors.  Clean microwave. Load dishwasher.  Wash kitchen floor.
General.  Collect all trash from waste baskets, pick up and straighten general items, clean entry door windows and do the stairs.
Mainly, we take care of everything….  From the main entrance patio to the foyer area to the main hall to the kitchen, bathrooms, and all other parts of the house…    detecting all dust, cobwebs and germs throughout the house…
MaryClean™  22 point cleaning system include:
1.    Vacuum all carpeting
2.    Vacuum stairs
3.    Vacuum upholstered furniture including couches and sofas
4.    Dusting throughout the house
5.    Vacuum hardwood and hard surface floors
6.    Dust window sills and baseboards throughout the house
7.    Pick up and straighten general items
8.    Clean entry door windows
9.    Clean and disinfect showers, tubs and toilets thoroughly
10. Clean bathrooms sinks and counters
11. Clean and shine bathroom mirrors and glasses
12. Clean and disinfect bathroom floors
13. Clean inside and outside microwave
14. Clean and dust hallways
15. Wash kitchen floors
16. Clean kitchen sinks
17. Damp wipe cabinet doors
18. Clean outside of appliances
19. Load dishwasher upon request
20. Wash counters
21. Collect trash
22. Sweep main entrance way when necessary
By performing our 22 point cleaning system, your house will look and feel clean, so you can enjoy it with a comfort and use the extra time in what you love to do best.
We guarantee our service 100%
We have over 17 yr. Experience and guarantee our work to be done right.  If for any reason you are not fully satisfied, please let us know within 24 hours if you can.  We will gladly re-do the job for you to your satisfaction or make it up to you with any of our many other services.